Kid Pricing and Reservations



Prices for 2016 Kids

Please trust that our lower prices on kids (compared to some breeders) are not a reflection of lower quality animals. Our does are proving themselves in both the show ring and the milking parlor. For example, we have been honored to receive the “Premier Breeder” and “Premier Exhibitor” banners for nine years at the Oregon State Fair.

Doe kids – $250 to $600

buck kids – $250 to $600 (only top quality bucklings will be available as herd sires)

wethers – $75 to $100

The majority of the “show quality” kids out of proven does will be priced at $300 to $350. Our polled and/or blue-eyed kids may be priced slightly higher than comparable brown-eyed, disbudded kids because of the greater demand for blue eyes and polled kids. For example, a blue-eyed or polled doe kid with good conformation out of a quality doe may be priced as high as $400. Kids out of finished champion does and does with official championship ADGA legs will be $400 to $600. I have yet to charge over $500 for a goat and anything over $350 is uncommon for me. An exception to my pricing rules will be my new “Old Mountain Farm” does because I paid higher prices for these does and thus their kids will be priced about $100 higher. I would be happy to quote you a more exact price on a particular breeding.

Kid Reservations:   If you would like to reserve an unborn kid from one of the planned breedings listed above, please send a $50 deposit for each kid you wish to reserve. If your selected kid is not available, you are welcome to transfer the deposit to another animal, save the deposit for a future breeding, or receive a full refund of your deposit. Should you decide not to get a goat, your deposit is NOT refundable. If you would like to reserve wether kids, the deposit is $25 per kid. The reservation list for wether kids is listed below.

You are welcome to pay your deposit with PayPal using your credit card or personal bank account. I am a verified member of PayPal. Please send your payment to or click on the link button below (the chocolate doe smelling the daisy) to link to my PayPal account. I ask for an additional 3% percent if you use PayPal to help cover the fees PayPal charges me. If you can send the money as a “gift”, no fees are charged. If you prefer, please send your deposit to: Anna K. Brown 2842 NE Old River Rd. Siletz, OR 97380 (541) 444-4449 Thanks! I will email you when I receive your payment.

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