Camanna HS Bellarose Sapphire

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Like her mother Beyonce’, Bella is a playful and goofy girl and keeps me laughing.  Like her grand-dam Bianca, I tried to sell Bella three or four times and each time, the sale fell through.  It was never a fault of Bella’s, just things didn’t work out for her sale. Finally, I decided I should just keep this very nice doeling.  Bianca turned out to be a champion doe and maybe Bella will follow in her hoof prints!  


Birth Date:   4/4/17 (triplet)
Registered:   ADGA – D1898110
Height: 21″
LA Score: not appraised yet
Extras: blue eyes
Sire:   Castle Rock Huron Sunset

SS:  SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B*S
SD:  GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 1*M

Dam:  Camanna GS Beyonce’ Bling

DS:  Castle Rock Glam Slam
DD:  CH AGS Camanna MM Bianca

Kidding History

Birth Date: Sire: Kid Details:
7/4/18 Encore twin does
4/3/19 Black Tie triplet bucks
4/13/20 Uriah twin bucks