Muscovy Gallery


We raise a small flock of show quality solid colored Muscovy ducks. We love their huge personalities and quite voices. They are good mothers, their eggs are the best for baking,They deliver a combination punch of insect control , companionship, and great meat..  

Muscovies are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. They are, however, very personable and interesting birds, and quite intelligent.

A few reasons why we love this breed:

  • Their meat is less greasy and contains less fat than other ducks. In fact, their meat is 98% fat-free.
  • They’ll eat small fish, termites, millipedes, small reptiles, grass, slugs, bugs, flies, mosquitos, grain, and items that grow in your garden! If you aren’t a big fan of flies, Muscovy ducks are voracious fly and mosquito eaters.
  • Their eggs have a harder shell than most ducks but weigh nearly three ounces, considered jumbo-sized.