We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live and work as a family on this “little piece of paradise”. I have been raising show quality, registered Nigerian dairy goats for 23 years. Nine years ago, I established a small herd of premium quality, registered, Kunekune pigs. I seek to have animals of show quality, production from the goats (creamy milk) and pigs (pasture raised pork) is essential. Both Nigerians and Kunekunes are perfect breeds for small farm and homestead situations. In addition, our “petite paradise” is home to ten Valais Blacknose sheep, a llama, eight alpacas, a miniature horse, a full size horse, six Shetland sheep, 14 chocolate, mauve, and blue Orpingtons, ten tiny Serama chickens, eighteen Muscovy ducks plus ducklings, six livestock guardian dogs, about a dozen rabbits of various breeds, nine barn cats, and five Pomeranian farm dogs.  I hope you enjoy your visit!  Blessings!  Anna   

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