KuneKune Pigs

Here are several reasons I choose to raise KuneKune pigs:

1.  I wanted a breed that is small/medium, gentle, and easy to handle in a homestead situation by someone without pig rearing experience.  KuneKunes fill that niche better then any other pig breed.  An added bonus is that they are super cute and personality filled!  

2.  Foraging abilities are important to me.  This breed thrives on pasture, garden surplus, and other low cost feeds.  I wanted to be able to purchase little commercial feed for my pigs to keep costs down, raise organic meat, make use of our pasture, and be more self sufficient as a farm family.

3.  I enjoy preserving and further developing a breed of pigs that is still fairly rare and fill a special niche on small farms and homesteads.

Find out more about this wonderful breed by visiting these sites:

American KuneKune Pig Society

American KuneKune Pig Registry[/

Origin:  Rare breed from New Zealand’s Maori tribes

Weight:  150-400 pounds at maturity

Life span:  15 years

Color:  Can be almost any color but common colors include: ginger with black spotting, brown/white or black/white pintos, and various solid colors such as cream, ginger, and black. 

Use:  Gourmet quality succulent meat raised on pasture, awesome pets, and an investment in preserving a rare and unique breed.