Breeding Schedule


2020 Planned Breedings

This page is always a work in progress . . . I will be adding more photos and links soon!  


 Camanna_Suzan_chart CH Old Mountain Farm BrownI’DSuzN Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight Kidded 3/26/20 I will be keeping the lovely single doe kid! Suzan is twelve this year and did great!  Suzan is going to raise one of her grand kids as well.
 Camanna_OMF_Ophelia_In_Blue_BS Camanna OMF Ophelia in Blue  Finale BS Camanna BTA Moonlight Finale 5/23/20
Camanna_CB_Tieaysha_In_Blue_BS Camanna CB Tieaysha in Blue Oak Apple Bravo!*B 5/18/20
Camanna_BBS_Blueberry_Passion_BS Camanna BBS Blueberry Passion Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight 5/24/20
Camanna_HS_Bellarose_Sapphire_BS Camanna HS Bellarose Sapphire Camanna UT Uriah the Hittite 4/13/20
Camanna_BP_Blueberry_Biscotti_BS Camanna BP Blueberry Biscotti Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight  5/25/20
Camanna_HS_Blueberry_Focaccia_BS Camanna HS Blueberry Focaccia Roque BS Quaking Canopy Roquefort Blue 5/18/20



Camanna_HS_Black_Sapphire_Moon_BS Camanna HS Black Sapphire Moon Camanna UT Uriah the Hittite




Camanna_OMF_Blue_Moon_Fantasy_BS Camanna OMF Blue Moon Fantasy Gaddiel BS Camanna MD Moonlight Gaddiel  Kidded 3/17/20 Triplet buck kids – one for sale.
Cascadia BS Calico Springs DOE Cascadia Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight 3/31/20
Camanna_HS_Rhapsody_In_Blue Camanna HS Rhapsody in Blue Gaddiel BS Camanna MD Moonlight Gaddiel Kidded 3/26/20 Triplets, two does and a buck. Rhapsody kidded the same time as her mother and so I gave Suzan Rhapsody’s buck kid to raise.
Ferarri BS Camanna AA Blue LaFerrari Gaddiel BS Camanna MD Moonlight Gaddiel 3/31/20
Link to Pedigree CH Camanna RM Tressa of Rosasharn Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight 4/27/20
Sonatina BS Oak Apple Sonatina Finale BS Camanna BTA Moonlight Finale 4/2/20 Finale is a Sonata son and will be added to the website soon!
Camanna AA Blue Veronica Joy Quaking Canopy Roquefort Blue
Camanna HS Moonlight High Hope  Finale BS Camanna BTA Moonlight Finale 4/6/20
Camanna AE Indigo Arietta Rose Quaking Canopy Confetti Ice*B  5/19/20



Camanna HS Blueberry Delight Roque BS Quaking Canopy Roquefort Blue 4/3/20
Camanna MG Swiss Gloriana Rose Camanna BTA Blue Moon Knight 4/1/20
Taffeta BS Camanna BTA Blue Taffeta Gown Roque BS Quaking Canopy Roquefort Blue

Prices for 2020 Kids

Please trust that our lower prices on kids (compared to some breeders) are not a reflection of lower quality animals. Our does are proving themselves in both the show ring and the milking parlor. For example, we have been honored to receive the “Premier Breeder” and “Premier Exhibitor” banners for nine years at the Oregon State Fair.

doe kids – $400 to $750

buck kids – $350 to $750 (only top quality bucklings will be available as herd sires)

wethers – $100+

The majority of kids born with correct conformation and show/milk potential will be priced at $400. Our polled and/or blue-eyed kids may be priced slightly higher than comparable brown-eyed, disbudded kids because of the greater demand for blue eyes and polled kids. For example, a blue-eyed or polled doe kid with good conformation out of a quality doe may be priced as high as $550. Kids out of finished champion does and/or does with high (excellent) linear appraisal scores will be $500 to $750.  I would be happy to quote you a more exact price on a particular breeding.In an attempt to reduce my herd size, I will only retain four doe kids as replacements this year. I wish I could let you know ahead of time which kids will be retained in my herd but unfortunately, I am not that good a decision maker. I will be selecting my replacements based on genetics, conformation, dam’s udder, and other characteristics. I may not make my final selections until late spring when the majority of the kids are born. As the breeder, I get the privilege of ALWAYS having first choice of all kids born. I will do my best to fulfill everyone’s kid reservations to the best of my ability but you must have second and third choices since I can’t predict what kids will be born. If I am unable to provide the kid you select, (either because it is not born or I decide to keep it), I will gladly refund your deposit. If YOU decide not to purchase a kid, refunds are NOT refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to reserve kids, please visit the reservations tab on the sales page by clicking on this photo.  Bella's bigger doe kid