Our 2023 Flock Sire

2503 Spooky Bram 0015

I am totally thrilled to introduce Bram, a purebred Valais Blacknose ram who arrived here from the east coast. This handsome wooly arrived as an embryo from New Zealand and was implanted in 2020 in Pennsylvania. Bram is part of one of the first batches of imported embryos born in the USA last year. Valais Blacknose sheep originated in Switzerland and were first imported to Great Britain in recent years and then were exported to New Zealand.

Co-owned by our wonderful partners (Foxglove Farms) who started this breed-up program and purchased Bram as our flock sire for 2023.


Birth Date:   3/15/2021 (single)
Registered:   VBSS 
% VBN 100%
Conception ET
Codon 171 QQ


Sire: UR2452 VBN2603 Parkdale Basil 19/18
(SG ET 100%)

SS: UR1728 VBN 0536 Prendwick Basil 08708
(N/A N/A 100%)

SD: UR2437 VBN0554 Prendwick Dakota 10261
(N/A N/A 100%)

Dam: UR2457 NZV0026 Remarkable Alexa 03/17
(SG ET 100%)

DS: UR1684 VBN0402 Highland Montana
(N/A N/A 100%)

DD: UR2433 VBN0715 Alpine Camilla
(N/A N/A 100%)