Fox&Cam Calvin Klein 0111

This sweet fellow is still available. He would be a great guy to use for a breeding program with smaller sized ewes, maybe Babydoll Southdowns? He has beautiful wool and a wonderful mellow temperament. $2000  


Birth Date:   6/15/2023 (Twin)
Registered:   VBSS 
% VBN 90.63%
Conception NAT
Codon 171
Generation F4


Sire: 2503 Spooky Bram 0015

SS:UR2452 VBN2603 Parkdale Basil 19/18 (SG ET 100%)

SD:UR2457 NZV0026 Remarkable Alexa 03/17 (SG ET 100%)

Dam: 3221 FOX&CAM Sephora FXGVE 0082

DS:2924AI VBN3935 Balamber HU 1260.3601 (TR NAT 100% RR)

DD:2558 Foxglove Maybelline FXGVE 0074 (QD AI 75% RR)