Veronica needs a photo session!  She is actually a lovely doe but has yet to prove herself since she has just had single kids both years she freshened.  Veronica has a very nice mammary that is well attached, nicely shaped, and she has large, easy to milk teats that are perfectly placed.  This doe is long bodied and level and has very nice feet and legs.  I guess ideally she could have more spring of ribs but that seems to be coming with age. 

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Birth Date:  4/10/18 (twin)
Registered:  ADGA – D1941143
Height:21 1/2″
LA Score: VVEV 89 – 2021
Extras:blue eyes
Sire:   Camanna CB Armani Amadeo

SS:  Camanna RD Casanova in Blue
SD:  Old Mountain Farm Malva

Dam:  The Solway Farm Marigold

DS:  Old Mountain Farm Erebus
DD:  Solway Farm Lady Slipper

Kidding History

Birth Date:Sire:Kid Details:
6/25/19Legacysingle doe
8/15/20Knightsingle buck
4/21/21KnightTwins: buck, doe
3/1/22BeauQuadruplets: 2 bucks, 2 does