SGCH Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata 2*M

Sonata has been described by many people, including competitors and judges at shows as “exquisite” and I agree with them. Sonata is angular, elegant, and classy with tons of dairy character. In fact, I have never found another doe with such thin and very loose dairy skin. With her big, dark eyes and fawn coloring, Sonata reminds me of a deer. Her feet and legs are pretty close to perfect (when she is standing properly) and her udder is just what I am breeding for. I would like to have a whole herd of does with udders like hers. Her mammary system is well attahced, properly shaped with lovely texture and proper teat placement and nice medial division. Her milk production is awesome and her udder capacity is amazing. To top it off, Sonata is very easy to milk, even when very full. This pretty gal was a spitfire as a little kid and took forever to tame down, but it was worth it. She is a sweetheart now and runs up for attention as fast as any of them. She is a very attentive mother and can be very noisy when she misses her kids. I like a lot about Sonata’s conformation but as is my routine with my goats, I try to also tell of areas where they could be stronger. Ideally, I would like to see Sonata tighter in the shoulders. Otherwise, I am extremely pleased with this gorgeous girl and look forward to showing her in some champion challenge classes in the future.


Birth Date:   5/23/07 (quadruplet)
Registered:   ADGA – D1421296; AGS
Height: 22″
LA Score: EEEE 91 – 2015


Sire:  AGS TX TwinCreeks AB Crescendo

SS:  AGS Twin Creeks BW Atlantis Bay
SD:  GCH AGS TwinCreeks Madamebutterfly 1*M

Dam:  Sugar Pine SL Moonlight Molly

DS:  AGS Twin Creeks AH In The Spotlite
DD:  AGS Mountain Quest GA Snow Bear

ADGA Pedigreeclick on photo for link Link to Pedigree

Kidding History

Birth Date: Sire: Kid Details:
8/12/08 Citation single buck
5/8/09 Wave Runner triplets:  buck, 2 does
5/7/10 Grizzly Bear triplets:  buck, 2 does
4/24/11 Lucky’s Image quads:  3 bucks, doe (buck retained)
5/19/12 GoDaddy quints:  4 bucks, doe
3/20/14 Reliance Moon triplet bucks
4/10/15 Frankincensce twins:  buck, doe
2/20/16 Huron Sunset  triplet bucks
8/24/18 Huron Sunset twins:  buck, doe (buck retained)
4/18/19 Black Tie single buck (retained)