Special Features

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Dates lined up with:

CH Camanna FD Tasonni Blue

LA score – 92!  

Camanna BBS Blueberry Passion


Camanna HIH Mocha Swirl Utopia


December - Special Animals of the month

Pig of the Month

USA Aria Giana 28 – Clementine


Clementine is pregnant and I am so excited for her upcoming litter!  This black beauty is a year of age and is expecting her first litter at the end of January.  She is an outgoing and talkative girl and stole my heart not long after she arrived at five months of age.  She is enjoying life in a three acre green pasture with abundant pumpkin treats and a cozy pig house.  

Goat of the Month

Camanna FD Tasonni in Blue


This lovely “elderly lady” will be 11-years-old in February.  Tasonni is currently my oldest producing doe and has held up wonderfully.   I retained two of her daughters and they, like their mother, are some of the most dairy does in the herd.  Not only is Tasonni gorgeous, scoring a permanent LA score of 92 as a nine-year-old, she is also a total sweetheart and a blessing to have in the herd.  

“Other ” Animal of the Month

Orianna – our only sheep!


Orianna our black “hair sheep” lamb, was born in late June and grew up as a normal lamb. However, when I sold the rest of the sheep last month, she joined the pig herd. She is still learning to like pumpkin and will probably never want a belly rub, but otherwise she is one of the gang and seems happy.