Oksana – Wilsons Gina Sow

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Oksana was born here two summers ago and was one of my favorite gilts in the litter.  I sold her as a weanling but bought her back in January after her owner contacted me and said she needed to rehome Oksana.  The owner was having health problems and couldn’t keep her.  I still own her sire and thus I didn’t plan to keep Oksana long term but I did want to make certain she was a good breeding sow before finding her a permanent home.  

Oksana is a big sow, taking after her gentle giant of a sire, Demetrius.  Like her sire, she is wide all the way through her rear quarters and has a nice big ham/butt that I want in my Kunekunes.  As a bonus, Oksana has an adorable face with a short snout and wide set eyes.

She has only been a mother for about ten days so far, but all the piglets are alive and growing.  Eight is a good sized litter for a Kunekune, especially for a first litter.  Oksana was up and down during delivery and was a little grumpy with the birthing pain but has been a total angel and perfect mom ever since.  I really like this sow!  She is efficient on pasture, has never rooted, is easy on fences, and comes running when called.


Registered Name: Camanna Wilsons Gina 6 – Oksana
Birth Date:   July 26, 2015
Bloodlines:   Wilsons Gina/Tuahuru
Registered: AKKPS:  2284
DNA Case #: NCS 5378
Details: dark ginger with black spotting; two wattles
Sire:   Diamond Wire Farms Tuahuru 7 – Demetrius

SS:  TFF Tuahuru 3 – Elias
SD:  KKP Rona 8 – Vada

Dam:   XTC Kunekunes Wilsons Gina 1 Tiara

DS:  USA Tonganui 4 – Domino
DD:  USA Wilsons Gina 3 – Kiwi

Farrowing History

Birth Dates Sire Piglet Details Colors
7/26/17 Maverick (Boris) eight – 4 boars, 4 gilts 5 ginger/black, 2 mostly ginger, 1 black/white