Camanna BBS Blueberry Passion

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Birth Date:   4/22/16 (quadruplet)
Registered:   ADGA – D1806664
Height:  22″
LA Score:  not appraised yet
ADGA Pedigree: 
Extras: blue eyes and moon spots
Sire:   Camanna MV Bonafide Blue Suede

SS:  Camanna RM Moonlight Victory
SD:  Camanna AC Blue Diamond Tiara

Dam:  CH Poppy Patch Blueberry Parfait E 90

DS:  Rosasharn GX Cadbury *B
DD:  Honey Goat Cookie Crumbs

Kidding History

Birth Date: Sire: Kid Details:
6/3/17 Dandy twins:  buck, doe
4/28/18 Encore single buck