Camanna BBS Blueberry Passion

Passion is the only kid to ever say hello to me before she was even out of her mother’s womb!  Of course I had to keep her, even before she developed into such a beauty.  Passion is very long bodied and level across her topline and rump.  In addition, she has width in all the right places.  This flashy girl also has a very well attached mammary system with nice medial division, although bigger teats set a bit closer in would make for a more perfect udder.  I haven’t been disappointed with Passion’s production and capacity now that she is mature, although I was wondering a bit when she was just a yearling and had a single kid and not a lot of extra milk.  If you like moon spots, blue eyes, and flashy patterns, well, Passion has all that as a bonus.  Even though she is gorgeous, my favorite thing about this precious doe is her fun personality. We have some videos of Passion doing such silly things that we laugh every time we watch them. If you know my herd, you know Passion is a special part of my “Blueberry” line.


Birth Date:   4/22/16 (quadruplet)
Registered:   ADGA – D1806664
Height:  22″
LA Score:  not appraised yet
ADGA Pedigree:   
Extras: blue eyes and moon spots


Sire:   Camanna MV Bonafide Blue Suede

SS:  Camanna RM Moonlight Victory
SD:  Camanna AC Blue Diamond Tiara

Dam:  SGCH Poppy Patch Blueberry Parfait E 90

DS:  Rosasharn GX Cadbury *B
DD:  Honey Goat Cookie Crumbs


Kidding History

Birth Date: Sire: Kid Details:
6/3/17 Dandy twins:  buck, doe
4/28/18 Encore single buck
4/18/19 Black Tie quadruplets:  2 bucks, 2 does
5/25/20 Knight triplets:  buck, 2 does (doe retained)
4/18/21 Roque triplets:  2 bucks, 1 doe
2/10/22 Keeper triplets:  buck, 2 does (doe retained)
3/22/23 Royal twin bucks