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KuneKune Pigs For Sale
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2020 Piglet Pricing

Registered piglets from established bloodlines:  $500 to $650* (see note below)

Registered piglets from “rare” bloodlines:  $650 to $800

Barrows (castrated males):  pets $100 – $200  meat – $50 – $100

The majority of the DNA tested, registered piglets will be priced at about $600 with a discount of $50 when a breeding pair is purchased.  Sometimes my “pick of the litter” favorite may be priced $100 higher.  Because Tarutaru and Momona are less common bloodlines, gilts from these litters will be priced higher until demand drops as the supply increases.  *The sought after “calico” or Tapeka trait piglets will be about $150-$200 more because of the high demand for this color pattern.

I am not set up to keep a lot of extra piglets long term so I will consider “best offers” when it is time to move the extra piglets on to new homes.


Reservations and Deposits

If you would like to reserve an unborn piglet from one of the pair-ups on the breeding schedule, please send a $150 deposit for each piglet you wish to reserve. If your selected piglet is not available, you are welcome to transfer the deposit to another animal, save it for the following year, or receive a full refund of your deposit. A $150 deposit is required to hold a breeding animal for 30 days while you arrange transportation. All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another animal for a period of two years. Should you decide not to get a pig, your deposit is NOT refundable. A $50 deposit is required to hold a pet barrow until it is ready for its new home. I may be able to hold your reserved pig longer than 30 days (if arrangements are made in advance) for a fee of $2 per day per piglet and $3+ per day for a pig over a year of age. 

Shipping & Travel

As is the norm in the animal industry, all expenses, including shipping, travel crate, health check up, health certificate, and any further testing (required by you or the state you live in) are your financial responsibility.

Please call airlines for up to date costs and requirements.


We guarantee the fertility of our breeding animals and will replace an infertile boar or sow. A statement from a veterinarian will be required to establish that the infertility is of genetic origin and not due to lack of proper care. Our pigs are healthy when they leave our farm. However, because we can not control the stress of shipping and the animal’s management and environment after it leaves our care, we can not offer further health guarantees. Here is what we do NOT guarantee, although we wish we could!

Animal Health

We vaccinate . . . . information coming soon!


You are welcome to pay your deposit with PayPal but please make sure I receive the full amount on my end (no fees taken out). Our PayPal is camanna777@msn.com and is in my husband Cameron Brown’s name. 

If you prefer, please send your deposit to:

Anna K. Brown 2842 NE Old River Rd. Siletz, OR 97380

Thanks!  I will contact you when I receive your payment.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to consider our pigs as a potential new addition to your herd. If you decide to purchase any of our animals, we will work with you to insure that there is a smooth transition for your new pig(s) when you purchase them. We love to stay in touch with our customers (and potential customers too!) and look forward to getting to know you. Our customers are very important to us and we rely on word of mouth for much of our advertising. We are totally hooked on these friendly and personality filled “homestead” pigs and plan to be in the business for a long time.